Bringing a cultural institution into the digital age

For Schirn Kunsthalle, one of Europe’s most prestigious art exhibitors, we brought cultural marketing to the next level by rethinking how a gallery can work in a digital age.


The challenge lied in a heterogeneous audience with different knowledge levels and demands of what needs to be communicated. That’s why the digital heart of the Schirn is a visitor centric platform, that responds to the different needs of each target group.


We created a  ecosystem of digital communication tools that engage visitors before, during and after their visit of the Schirn.

It’s All About Experience

We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So, we pay extra attention to small details to bring the big experience to life.

When providing services, it is truly the little things that matter most:
A progress bar that indicates until when every exhibition is running and how much time is left until the gallery closes for the day. A kick ass calendar that lets you see what’s up next. A smart search that gives you suggestions what you are looking for. And screens at the entrance of the Schirn that directly display the schedule of the next tours. Through these tools we provide visitors guidance at each point along their customers journey, no matter what their need is.

Additionally, we developed special content that is only accessible on mobile phones via the Schirn Wi-Fi while visiting the exhibition. This way we provided in depth information about the artist and what their oeuvre is all about while interacting with the visitors in a playful way.

Ongoing Experiences

To engage visitors even more, we also created a new digital content platform – the Schirn magazine. Here people get a different angle on the artists’ work while deep diving into their as well as information about local cultural events and upcoming happenings.

In the first two months after the launch, the average time spent on the site more than doubled, growing to 7 minutes, 33 seconds.



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