The SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE is one of most impor­tant exhi­bi­tion venues in Europe. Since opening in 1986, it has presented more than 200 exhi­bi­tions and can boast a total of more than 8 million visi­tors.


The Schirn Rotunda is quite unique: a public space, the entrance to the Schirn and an exhibition space. More than 10.000 passers-by walk through it every day.

All exhibitions are custom-built for the Rotunda. If its over, it is lost forever. Also, the Rotunda doesn’t carry an exhibition the whole year. In fact, most of the year it is nothing more and nothing less than a nice piece of architecture that tourists pass by when they visit the near-by city center or the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE.


How can we attract people with art, when there isn’t any art at all? How can we store the past and make it available to everyone?


Swipe through the past and experience augmented in 360°.

Documenting individual exhibition projects in 360° and are seeking to put together a virtual reality archive to make it possible to permanently experience past installations and sculptures in the rotunda of the SCHIRN. Video and still.

Every day, more than 20 people are visiting the experience with an average session duration of 1m 30s.



– Creative Direction

– Developement

– Content Production