Jean-Michel Basquiat: in the 80s, Brooklyn’s Cool Kid, which concocted New York with conspiratorial grafittis. Today, superstar of the art scene, and with 110.5 million the most expensive sold US artist. Twenty years after his death, the SCHIRN Kunsthalle brings the contemporary artist to Frankfurt with a retrospective.


The culture fans got convinced with long articles in magazines. But how do you arouse the interest of a younger,
new audience?


An engaging short-experience that tells the story of the exhibition in a different way – perfect fit for the Generation Mobile and their media usage behavior.

Basquiat Street Team


In Basquiat’s style, the city was covered with conspiratorial messages. In the center of the tags: the url

A new storytelling format especially for mobile. With just one gesture you move through six chapters.

With just one gesture you move through six chapters. Atmospherically subdivided by a conspiratorial message that motivates to keep going. Audio, animation and interaction coordinated and designed at any time. Animations, based on the sampling culture of the 80ies, expressing Basquiat’s style. All animations are implemented in SVG format and contain no videos. Nevertheless, the design creates a high-quality video experience, and without annoying loading times.