Virality Built-In.

Social Media Campaign

Founded in 2013, Freeletics now has over 20 million registered users in more than 160 countries and is one of the most successful fitness and lifestyle movements in the world.


46% of the people that make a New Years resolution choose to lose excess weight or get fit. 92% fail.

Why are they failing?


There is only one time a year where people universally pledge to do something good for themselves: New Years. In fact, most people completely fail their New Year’s resolution to get fit, over and over. 24% blame missing guidance and support.


How can we motivate, inspire and empower people to fulfill their new year resolutions for 2017?


Make a bold commitment.

Tell everybody. Become your best version

in 2017.

People can choose beetwen existing goals or simply write their own. After adding an image, they are suppose to share their goal to their community and make a strong commitment for 2017. Real-time analyses and iteration we adopted copy on a daily basis to achieve the best results and the right targeting. Also we facebook optimized the design to make it stand out of the crowd.


Within 4 days, people created over 3000 pictures, 10% have been shared on facebook. 8000 app downloads.


brand and performance.

It’s no longer about brand versus performance, marketing versus sales, consumer versus shopper. Breakthrough brands are blind to these distinctions; instead they see one funnel and one person moving through it. Their ads are not mere brand campaigns or promotions designed to shout the loudest. Instead, the new marketing consists of campaigns that are smartly targeted, well-crafted and designed to drive meaningful action.



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