A digital magazine for art and contemporary culture

The SCHIRN MAG provides insights into the contemporary art scene: Essays, features, portraits, soundtracks and contextual insights of current exhibitions.


The focus of the redesign of the SCHIRN MAG is a deliberately simple graphical representation

The focus of the SCHIRN MAG’s new design format is deliberately placed on a simple graphic presentation whose optimized font size gives priority to high-quality contents and heightens readability. The homepage of the online magazine, laid out as a display window, offers readers a clear overview of the whole range of multifaceted offers and themes.

Philipp Demandt, Director of the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

“With the SCHIRN MAG, we are opening up space for the examination of public discourses and the exchange of views on art from different perspectives, beyond the spatial boundaries of the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt.”

Full-screen chapter markers provide readers with a clear structure and clearly distinguish text contributions, videos, and podcasts. Image areas that are alternately large and small, make for liveliness and extend an invitation to explore. The Schirn is reacting to the altered reader behavior since the last relaunch as well as to the current viewing habits of its readers. At the same time, the SCHIRN MAG’s appearance is gaining more independence from the Schirn website.